How many people don't have time to learn to understand the Quran?

Today, I want to share with you how in 15 minutes you can learn to understand the Quran up to 10-15% of the content of the Quran?

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What is Think Quran?

Easy way of learning the Quran language

Within 15 minutes a day

Without the basics of Arabic

Suitable for all ages

Why Do You Need to Have Think Quran?

Time Constraints

You are busy working but trying to understand the Quran

Teaching Aids

You are a teacher who wants to use it to teach your students

For Your Child

A digital application that uses a smart phone to teach the Quran to your child

Al-Quran Knowledge Sharing

You want to share the knowledge of the Qur'an with your family, friends and the whole community

Love for the Quran

You want to make the al-Quran a friend throughout your life and nurture the spirit of love for the Al-Quran

What did they say?

Datuk Prof Dr Muhaya Motivator

Apparently there is Think Quran, which helps others to learn the Quran. Alhamdulillah

    Fedtri Yahya TV Personnel/ Celebrity

    Alhamdulillah, I recommend Think Quran as a smart method to learn & understand the Quran

      Boss Sham Digital Marketing

      Alhamdulillah.. as long as I use Think Quran it helps me to better understand the Quran. Think quran is very fun and easy to learn.. Hopefully this app can be shared to all muslims who want to understand al Quran.

        Tuan Saufi Digital Consultant

        I don't think so there is other apps and AI company that help to better understand al-Quran like Think Quran. I've tried it and it's very practical and easy.

          Dato Adi Putra Actor

          Alhamdulillah I have registered as Think Quran reseller. Who wants to learn al-Quran's vocabulary (literally) easily, quickly and effectively.

            Special Features of Think Quran

            With just 15 minutes, you can feel the benefits


            Learn in a small scope and easy to master.. Can be used at any time with just a phone, laptop or computer


            Focus on the most frequently repeated Qur'anic words

            Fast Mastery

            A digital robot that can also repeat the understanding and memory of verses of the Quran for easy understanding

            Clear Understanding

            Feel the increase in understanding when reading the Quran

            Know Self Achievement

            See the level of mastery of each word visually

            Easy Method to Learn Arabic's al-Quran in 15 minutes a day even if you don't know Arabic

            Think Quran only cost RM399 and just needs to be paid once in a lifetime.

            Buy now and get a discount of RM100..

            RM399 RM 299 Lifetime
            Tawaran Terhad

            here's more... if you pay now we give you a FREE al-Fatihah surah training e-book worth RM199

            Surah Al Fatihah ebook FREE

            Mastering the Arabic al-Fatihah in 40 minutes

            This e-book will teach you the meaning of each word in surah al-Fatihah. Understand deeply the special content of al-Fatihah through understanding the meaning of each verse.

            You may have read it many times, but have you ever thought about what it really means? If you want to understand and enjoy the meaning of surah Al-Fatihah in every daily practice, then this e-book is for you.


            1 User

            RM 299
            • Tiada Iklan
            • Acess All Lessons 1000 words
            • Lifetime Updated
            • Check for Errors
            • Giving Infaq To Friends
            • RM100 Discount

            5 Users

            RM 1100
            • No Ads
            • Acess All Lessons 1000 words
            • Lifetime Updated
            • Check for Errors
            • Giving Infaq To Friends
            • RM875 Discount
            • Reseller System & Share QR code
            • 5 Produk Plus User

            What do you get with this purchase?

            Group support whatsapp
            Learn more than 1000 words
            Discount price up to RM900
            Lifetime learn to understand Al Quran for a lifetime
            More appreciation of reading the Quran and praying
            Lifetime HQ Support

            Did you know?

            The Quran contains many repeated words.

            remember 0
            understand 0 %
            of the quran

            “And We have certainly made the Quran easy to remember. So is there anyone who will be mindful?”

            ~ (Al-Qamar:17)

            “Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran so that you may understand.”

            ~ (Yusuf:2)

            With bismillah, let’s change our life together through an easy, fascinating, and effective way of learning the Arabic language of the Quran.

            Within 15 minutes a day

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